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In addition to intro-to-expert Computer Training, we offer necessary Soft Skills training to help you accelerate your career in a highly-competitive corporate environment.


Did you know that 75% of long-term job success is dependent on soft skills? Today, high concentration on technical skills has led to a deficiency in interpersonal skills. Our Soft Skills Training will give you an edge and differentiate you from your peers. 

Consider that non-verbal communication is 93% of overall communication.


This is known as the 7/38/55 Rule:


7% (verbal), 38% (body language) and 55% (tone of voice)With less physical contact, superior written communication has also become more crucial.


Effective Time Management


Problem Solving Skills


Effective Presentations


Effective Management


Fundamentals Of Communication


Practical Leadership

Interviewing Skills For Management

Change Management For Managers


Change Management For Employees


Managing Project Teams


Project Management Skills For Non-project Managers


Conflict Management

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