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2 Hour Boot Camp Webinars

Just For You is offering an intensive two hour HANDS ON webinar on Excel formulas and functions. You can learn the ins and outs of how Excel formulas work in just 2 short hours, from the comfort of your own home! Don't miss this chance to raise your Excel skills to the next level. Class size will be limited to 15 students and will be done over MS Teams. Please email us for details.


Topics covered:

  • Sum

  • Average

  • Max

  • Min

  • Count

  • The Order of Operations

  • Absolute and Relative References

  • 3-D Formulas

  • Formula Auditing


The cost for the course is just $100 and can be paid through PayPal or Venmo.

You can sign up for this session below!


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(Must be received 7 days prior to webinar.
Email for payment options)



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